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Cyprus trade deficit decreases to 4.9 billion euro in 2018, according to Eurostat
CNA - Athanasios Athanasiou - Belgium/Brussels 15/02/2019 15:10

The first estimate for euro area (EA19) exports of goods to the rest of the world in December 2018 was €176.5 billion, recording a decrease of 2.5% compared with December 2017 (€181.0 bn). Imports from the rest of the world stood at €159.5 bn, marking a rise of 1.9% compared with December 2017 (€156.5 bn). As a result, the euro area recorded a €17.0 bn surplus in trade in goods with the rest of the world in December 2018, compared with +€24.5 bn in December 2017. Intra-euro area trade fell to €142.6 bn in December 2018, down by 1.2% compared with December 2017.

In Cyprus the volume of total exports increased to 4.2 billion euro (44%), namely to 1.2 billion euro (or 7% increase compared to 2017) exports to the EU28 and to 3.0 bilion euro (67%) to the rest of the world. Meanwhile total imports increased to to 9.1 billion euro (11%), and more specifically to 5.2 billion euro


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