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Cyprus Justice Minister briefs EU counterpats on measures taken in justice sector to prevent COVID-19 spread
CNA - CYPRUS/Nicosia 06/04/2020 17:34

Cyprus Justice and Public Order Minister, George Savvides, briefed on Monday his EU counterparts on the measures that Cyprus has taken in the justice sector with a view to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
A press release issued by the Ministry of Justice and Public Order said that the briefing took place during an informal teleconference of the Justice Ministers of the EU member states who exchanged views and information about the COVID-19 pandemic repercussions in the operation of the judicial system in member states.
As it is noted, the Justice Minister informed his counterparts about the fact that trials have been suspended until 30 April except for urgent criminal and civil cases, while at the same time the transfer of detainees has been suspended and dates for handing over fugitives on the basis of European arrest warrants have been revised.


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