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Non-performing facilities increase in May
CNA - Cyprus/ΝICOSIA 14/09/2018 16:04

Non-performing facilities (NPFs) increased by €14 million in May, to €19.930 billion from €19.916 billion in April, the Central Bank of Cyprus reported on Friday.
March registered the largest decrease totalling €2.074 million, in the first quarter of 2018. NPFs stood at €19.9 billion in the third month of the year. Between December 2014 and March 2018 there has been an overall decrease in NPFs of €7.4 billion or 27.1%.
Central Bank figures showed that total facilities increased by €262 million, from €46.386 million at end of April 2018 to €46.648 million in May 2018, leading to a drop in the ratio of NPFs to total facilities from 42.9% at the end of the fourth month of the year to 42.7% in May.
The coverage ratio increased marginally to 48.6% at the end of May 2018 from 48.5% in April.
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