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Spokesman says President makes efforts to make use of Guterres framework for the terms of reference
CNA - CYPRUS/Nicosia 14/02/2019 16:50

Government Spokesman Prodromos Prodromou has said that the President of Cyprus makes efforts so that the Guterres Framework is  used in the formulation of the terms of reference for the resumption of the Cyprus talks, adding that this  framework includes the six parameters of the UNSG, among which are the security issues.

In statements at the Presidential Palace, Prodromou said that the Guterres framework is very important for the formulation of the terms of reference, which should include the six parameters of the framework, adding that if this is not the case, then that would mean that negotiations begin from scratch and there is no guarantee that the discussion begins for the core of the Cyprus problem, which is the issues of occupation and troops, intervention rights and guarantees.

 Prodromou said that the Cyprus President makes efforts and takes action


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