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Government labour force increases in January 2019
CNA - CYPRUS/Nicosia 11/02/2019 15:55

The government labour force in January 2019 increased by 429 or 1% and reached 51,113 people, according to figures released Monday by the Statistical Service of Cyprus.
Permanent staff decreased by 538 persons (-1.5%), while temporary staff recorded an increase (6.9%) to 15,925 persons compared to 14,895 in January 2019.
This is the highest number for January, as from January 2010 when the government`s labour force reached 51,432.
Compared to January 2018 there is an increase in all the categories of government labour force except in the category of Hourly Paid Workers. The largest increase is observed in the Civil Service (1.6%) in which the temporary staff increased by 6.3% (349 persons).
Compared to December 2018, the staff of the Civil Service increased by 0.9% (159 persons) while the number of


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