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Cyprus against anti-Semitism, Foreign Ministry senior official tells OSCE conference
CNA - CYPRUS/Nicosia 29/01/2018 19:10

Cyprus is against any form of anti-Semitism and supports the EU and OSCE initiatives, as well as those of other countries, in their efforts to combat this phenomenon, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Alexandros Zenon, said on Monday.
Speaking at the International Conference on the Responsibility of States, Institutions and Individuals in the Fight against Anti-Semitism in the OSCE Area, Zenon said the people of Cyprus, in their recent history, have suffered the consequences of displacement and prosecution, creating feelings of deep solidarity with the Jewish people.
According to a press release, Zenon reminded that Cyprus was a sanctuary for over 50,000 survivors of the Holocaust travelling to the Promised Land.


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