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The Cyprus News Agency was officially established on February 16, 1976 at the initiative of the then Director General of the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (CyBC) Andreas Christofides, who saw the need for a national news agency for Cyprus.

In 1976, Andreas Christofides assigned to Andreas Hadjipapas, a journalist working for CyBC, the task of dispatching a daily news bulletin in English to Reuters and the Non-Aligned News Agencies Pool.

In 1984, CNA expanded its activities, hired journalists and other staff and secured translation and distribution of its dispatches in other languages apart from English.

In 1989, the Cyprus House of Representatives approved legislation providing for the operation of the Cyprus News Agency as a "semi-governmental" news organization with full editorial independence.

According to the law, CNA is governed by a seven-member Board of Directors comprising professional media representatives. The Board includes representatives of the Union of Cyprus Journalists, the Cyprus Newspaper and Magazine Publishers Association, Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (CyBC) and the Press and Information Office.

CNA, as a public information service, aims to inform public opinion at home and abroad about a wide range of issues relating to Cyprus. According to the law governing the Agency, CNA is an independent, autonomous and non-aligned organization. Ιt is not affected nor is it subject to influences which question the impartiality, the accuracy and the content of the news items it files and under no circumstances can the Agency be placed under the control of any political, partisan, financial or other group, nor can CNA promote or serve the interests of any of the afore-mentioned groups.

CNA, as part of its mission, files news in Greek and English, through subscription, and in Turkish and Arabic on free access. It provides a photo service (covering daily events and library photos) which is continuously enhanced with the addition of photographs from local, Greek and international news.

CNA is a fundamental source of information for all diplomatic representations of the Republic of Cyprus around the world. News items filed by the Agency are used to inform government officials, members of parliament and other dignitaries and to issue press releases in different languages.

The Agency files four daily news dispatches (a summary of the most important news stories in the past 24 hours, a review of the Greek Cypriot press, a review of the Turkish Cypriot press and a news bulletin on activities of Cypriots living abroad) addressed to overseas Cypriot and Greek organizations as well as media in various countries.

In 1996, an important year in the development of CNA, news in Greek was introduced, to meet the needs of the privately-owned local media. The Agency created its own home page on the Internet.

A landmark in CNA's history is the signing in 1996 of a cooperation agreement with the Athens News Agency (ANA), which provided CNA with its first computerised editing system.

In 2002, CNA introduced news in Turkish, a service disseminating press releases issued by various organizations and other groups and its own photo service, offering local coverage of news events in Cyprus, Greece and elsewhere.

In 2005, CNA launched, in cooperation with the Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (CYTA), a news service (WAP), under the general title VODAFONE LIVE

In 2012 CNA, as part of its effort to upgrade its services, launched three new web pages in Greek, English and Turkish providing its subscribers with a modern and flexible working environment.

The same year, as part of its policy for more openness to the citizens, CNA began transmitting news bulletins in Greek and English, under the titles "TEN" and "CNA NEWS", respectively. In addition to that, the Agency offers a subscription service through which press releases are available on free access on its website. CNA has also introduced a service providing useful information.

Two years later, CNA entered the world of social media, on facebook and twitter.

In 2015 the Agency, in cooperation with Nicosia University, introduced mobile applications.

The same year CNA set up its own video service and inaugurated its own TV studio.

A year later, it introduced its new home page, more flexible and responsive to all electronic devices.

In 2017 CNA began the dispatch of news items in Arabic.

CNA maintains, in addition to its editorial and non editorial staff at its headquarters in Nicosia, a network of correspondents in the cities in the southern government controlled part of Cyprus as well as in the northern Turkish occupied areas of the Republic. Further than that, CNA has correspondents in important decision-making centres abroad (Athens, Brussels, London, New York, Istanbul).  CNA journalists go on special missions abroad to cover important visits by the President of the Republic and government officials as well as visits by members of the House of Representatives.

CNA has signed cooperation agreements and protocols with the following: Cyprus Radio and Television Authority, Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation, Human Resources Development Authority (AnAD), Cyprus Federation of Employers and Industrialists (OEB), the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KEBE), the University of Cyprus, Cyprus University of Technology (TEPAK), Frederick University, Nicosia University, European University of Cyprus, Neapolis University of Paphos, the Open University, the Cyprus Academy of Public Administration (CAPA), the Cyprus Theatre Organisation (THOK), the Foundation to Promote Research (IPE), the Cyprus Olympic Committee (KOE) and the Institute of Cyprus.

CNA currently has commercial agreements with Reuters, AFP, and TASS, as well as cooperation agreements with ANA (Greece), SANA (Syria), XINHUA (China), ANSA (Italy), IRNA (Iran), APS (Algeria), ATA (Albania), AGERPRES (Romania), PRENSA LATINA (Cuba), TANJUG (Serbia), UKRINFORM (Ukraine), EFE (Spain), BTA (Bulgaria), YONHAP (South Korea), MENA (Egypt), QNA (Qatar), MTI (Hungary), NNA (Lebanon), TELAM (Argentina), BUANEWS (South Africa), WAFA (Palestine National Authority), MAP (Marocco), Armenpress (Armenia) and KUNA (Kuwait), BNA (Bahrain)  and ONA (Oman).

CNA is a member of the World Congress of News Agencies (WCNA), the European Alliance of News Agencies (EANA), the Alliance of Mediterranean News Agencies (AMAN), the Association of News Agencies in SE Europe (ABNA-SEE) and the Association of Black Sea News Agencies (BSANNA). CNA is very active in all these organizations from various posts.

The Directors of CNA
Αndreas Christofides 1976 - 1984
Andreas Sophocleous 1984
Ioannis Solomou Jan 1985 - March 1992
Andreas Hadjipapas 15/04/1992 - 31/12/1995
Andreas Christofides 18/01/1996 - 21/06/1998
Themis Themistocleous 1/03/1999 - 31/08/2005
George Penintaex (Acting Director) 02/09/2005 - 31/03/2006
Maria Myles (Acting Director) 01/04/2006 - 31/05/2006
George Penintaex (Acting Director) 01/06/2006 -31/5/2017
George Penintaex (Director)    1/6/2017 - 29/08/2018
Joseph Joseph 30/08/2018 – to date
The Chairmen of the Board of Directors
Christakis Katsambas 1990 - 02/02/1995
Charilaos Papadopoulos 15/03/1995 - 30/01/1996
Anthos Lykavghis 31/01/1996 - 09/08/2001
Charilaos Papadopoulos 10/08/2001 - 09/08/2003
Aristos Aristotelous 10/08/2003 - 27/05/2006
Costakis Constantinou 28/06/2006 - 23/02/2011
Larkos Larkou 13/05/2011 - 29/08/2018
Joseph Joseph 30/08/2018 - to date
The Board of Directors
Joseph Joseph Chairman
Haris Nicolaides Vice-Chairman
İoannis Antoniou Member
Sophia Michaelidou "
Elengo Frangoulidou "
Giorgos Frangos     "
Panicos Hadjipanayis "
The Staff
1. George Penintaex
Editor in Chief
2 Maria Myles
Assistant Editors-in-Chief
3. Georgia Vassiliou
4. George Christodoulides
5. Rebekkah Gregoriades
6. Maria Koniotou
7. Emilia Christofi
8. Athena Arsalidou
9. Maria Antouna
10. Juliana Violari
11. Elias Mavrokefalos
12. Thomas Kettenis
13. George Michael
14. Thalia Neofytou
15. Rally Papageorgiou
16. Antonios Gkildakis
17. Kyriaki Demetriou
18. Evie Mitsidou Philips
19. Kyriaki Christodoulou
Assistant Editors    
20. Costas Stavrinos
21 Gregoris Savva
22. Argyro Angelidou
23. Maria Fili
24. Demetra Nicolaou
25. Emily Lambrou
Correspondents in Cyprus 
26. Stavros Koniotis – Limassol
27. Fanitsa Zannettou - Larnaka
28. Kiki Pericleous - Pafos
29. Odul Asik - Occupied Areas
Correspondents abroad
30 Adamos Zachariades - Athens
31. Anna Andreou - Istanbul
32. Athanasios Athanasiou - Brussels
33. Thanasis Gavos - London
34. Pantelis Valasopoulos - Berlin
35. Apostolis Zoupaniotis - New York
Administrative Officers
36. Elena Papamiltiades
Accounts Department
37. Marianna Mela-Vourgos
PA to the Director
38. AnnaMaria Charalambous
39 Maria Erotokritou
40. Maro Yiannaki
41. Pola Costa
42. Chryso Nathanael
IT Department    
43. Haris Scottis
Systems Administrator
44. Katia Christodoulou
45. Antonis Kouttis
46. Andreas Demetriou
CSE:68,170  -0,340%
FTSE/CySE:40,790  -0,370%