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AFIS goal for 2019 is to collect 90 tons of batteries
11/06/2019 18:46

NGO holds workshop for single-use plastics reduction
07/06/2019 15:26

The challenges of recycling discussed in Green Dot AGM
31/05/2019 13:04

Recycling Festival raises awareness through music, games and dance
25/05/2019 12:37

Cyprus ranks high in the EU on urban waste production
14/05/2019 14:39

Gold distinction for Zero Waste Beach in Cyprus Tourism Awards
10/05/2019 16:34

Waste management is not so complicated, says Cyprus’ Environment Commissioner
08/05/2019 19:26

Let’s Do It! Cyprus gathers 49,560 volunteers this year, Environment Commissioner’s Office says
23/04/2019 13:54

Terra Cypria and Vasiliko Cement Works organise student program on marine litter
29/03/2019 14:16

EP approves a new law banning single-use plastic items
28/03/2019 07:57

Nicosia Municipality supports local “Earth Hour” message for plastics reduction
27/03/2019 10:04

Cyprus participates in ''Let's Do It! World'' campaign for the reduction of global waste
21/03/2019 14:29

Garbage collection fees to change based on “pay as you throw” model, Minister of Agriculture told CNA
15/03/2019 10:42

Cyprus should take the next step in plastics reduction, Environment Commissioner tells CNA
15/03/2019 08:52

Volunteers collect close to 2 tonnes of recyclables after carnival parade
12/03/2019 13:50

Cyprus spearheads European island project for waste reduction
22/02/2019 14:40

Special needs students say no to plastic straws, aim for Cyprus to be first in EU
20/02/2019 16:17

Proper waste management campaign runs in National Guard army camps
14/02/2019 15:31

Steady reduction of waste production a priority, Environment Minister says
05/02/2019 21:14

Larnaca Municipality advises the public on how to recycle properly
05/02/2019 18:05

Policy on single-use plastic will work because there is a broad consensus, Commission official tells CNA
09/01/2019 13:09

Submerged bins to be installed in Larnaca’s beachfront in first quarter of 2019
03/01/2019 18:17

Brio and ecological thinking breathe new life to Nicosia old municipal market
30/12/2018 15:13

Study on marine litter by AKTI Project and Research Centre
21/12/2018 16:18

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