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     CNA   FM says Turkey’s strategy to exert control in Eastern Mediterranean puts in high risk the region`s peace and security     CNA   Cyprus President pleased with strong solidarity from MED7 partners     CNA   Valletta Declaration underlines MED7`s serious concern over actual or potential drilling activities within Cyprus’ EEZ by Ankara     CNA   CMP to decide its next step following announcement on access to 30 suspected burial sites in military areas     CNA   Employment rose by 3.1% in Q1     CNA   

As the official News Agency of Cyprus, CNA focuses its attention on events in Cyprus and on developments abroad which have some bearing on Cyprus or are of particular interest to the country in various fields.

CNA has correspondents or stringers in all towns of the island, as well as Brussels, Athens, Turkey, London and New York.

CNA transmits daily news items in Greek, English and Turkish to its subscribers at home and abroad. Subscribers include daily and weekly newspapers, radio and television stations, international and national press agencies, international organisations, local public and private organisations, the Republic’s embassies and press offices abroad, foreign embassies and diplomatic missions in Cyprus, as well as Cypriot and Greek communities overseas and their media (newspapers, radio and TV) mainly in Britain, Australia, the United States of America and Canada.

CNA files news stories in four languages: Greek, English, Turkish and Arabic. News in Greek and English are available to subscribers only whereas news stories in Turkish are posted on the website on free access.

Through agreements with the Athens News Agency (ANA) and the European Press Photo Agency (EPA), CNA provides subscribers a large selection of photographs covering local and international events. CNA itself provides photographs on Cyprus events.

CNA has a video service and posts news on social media (facebook and twitter).

The Agency runs on a daily basis, free of charge, a news bulletin in English which includes the most important news stories, both locally and abroad, of the past 24 hours. Interested parties can apply, through the website, to receive this daily news bulletin without any charge.

The Agency provides a Press Release Service, offering interested organisations the possibility of distributing verbatim their press releases to the media and other subscribers of the Agency through its website.

CNA provides, free of charge, information about the local scene, such as theatres, pharmacies, doctors on duty and other such information, under “Useful Information Service”.

CNA, in cooperation with the Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (CYTA), supplies news stories to the service (WAP) on mobile telephony and in cooperation with the University of Nicosia it provides mobile applications.

For detailed information about the services offered by CNA, how to subscribe, and subscription rates, kindly contact:

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