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Nicosia prepares action plan and diplomatic initiative on missing persons, Presidential Commissioner tells CNA [VIDEO]
CNA - Antonios Gkildakis - CYPRUS/Nicosia 14/03/2019 19:32

Nicosia prepares to launch a diplomatic initiative on missing persons, targeting decision-making centers abroad, and plans to put forward an action plan, Presidential Commissioner Fotis Fotiou told CNA.
According to data from the Committee on Missing Persons (CMP), the number of individuals that are being exhumed is declining in the last few years, with two exhumations taking place since the beginning of this year and 10 exhumations in 2018, compared to 42 in 2017.
In an interview with CNA, Fotiou expressed support to the work of CMP, he said however that he expected a more vigorous stance on behalf of the Third Member of CMP, Paul-Henri Arni, when it comes to accessing Turkish military archives.


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