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Germany returns cultural treasures looted from Cyprus
CNA - Evie Mitsidou Phillips - Cyprus/NICOSIA 16/07/2013 12:23


Germany returns cultural treasures looted from Cyprus 

Nicosia, Jul 16 (CNA) – A total of 173 objects looted from the Turkish occupied areas of Cyprus will be handed over on Tuesday to Cypriot authorities in an official ceremony, in Munich.

The objects are part of a number of cultural treasures of Cypriot origin found in October 1997, after a police operation, in the possession of Turkish citizen Aydin Dikmen, most of which were looted from churches in the occupied areas after the Turkish invasion of the island in 1974.

After a drawn out legal process in Germany on March 18 the Regional Court of Munich rejected an appeal by Dikmen against the decision of the District Court of Munich delivered on September 2010 for the repatriation of cultural treasures which were stolen from the occupied areas of the Republic of Cyprus.


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