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Pentakomo waste management plant being tested, Chairman tells CNA
CNA - Stavros Koniotis - CYPRUS/Limassol 05/09/2017 19:22

The Limassol District Integrated Solid Waste Management Plant, in Pentakomo, has begun its trial operation, and by mid-October is expected to operate fully, Chairman of the Plant Council, Mayor of Mesa Yitonia, Doros Antoniou has told CNA.
According to Antoniou, after a short delay in providing the high voltage electrical current by the Electricity Authority, on the 29th of August the unit began accepting small quantities of waste, which are increasing to reach the normal levels by mid-October.
He said that already ten Limassol Municipality garbage trucks are transporting waste to the unit and by the end of the month their number will double and will gradually be joined by the trucks from the other municipalities and communities of the Limassol District. At the same time, he noted, any problems are being assessed and solved.
Regarding the Waste Transfer Station in Kantou, which will serve the southern and western areas of the Limassol District, Antoniou said it will be ready by mid-October. He also said that for the four green points in Kolossi, Pissouri, Fasoula, and Parekklisia, the tender terms have been prepared and sent to the Treasury of the Republic for approval.
The cost of the Integrated Solid Waste Management Plant, co-funded by the European Commission’s Cohesion Fund and national resources, is around €73 million, with €42.7 million concerning the cost of the study and construction, and the rest its ten-year operation.

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