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Nicosia is in constant communication with Rome with regard to Turkish provocations in the Republic's EEZ
CNA - CYPRUS/Nicosia 10/02/2018 19:43

The government of Cyprus is in constant communication with the government of Italy and Italian oil company ENI in connection with the new Turkish provocative moves in the Republic`s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), according to reliable sources, which believe that Rome will resolve this issue.

The same sources have told CNA that last night SAIPEM 12000, which was on its way to block 3 and the target "Soupia", was encumbered by vessels of the Turkish navy conducting drills in the area, something which forced SAIPEM 12000 to stop. Since then, Nicosia has been in continuous contact with the relevant Ministries of the Italian government and with ENI.


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