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Reduction of UNFICYP's military personnel will have no bearing on its operational capacity, Foreign Ministry says
CNA - ΚΥΠΡΟΣ/Λευκωσία 05/12/2017 13:06

Cyprus` Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday that if the UN Secretary-General`s report regarding UNFICYP`s review is endorsed by the Security Council, the reduction of its military personnel will have no bearing on UNFICYP’s operational capacity, as it mainly affects support staff, noting that "assurances at the highest level have been received in this regard."

The Foreign Ministry noted in its statement that as per usual practice, it will convey to the UN Secretariat the Government’s observations on the report’s various elements. Moreover it said that "the report’s reference to Security Council Resolution 186(1964) is considered important, as this Resolution established UNFICYP – with the consent of the Republic of Cyprus – and it contains the Force’s mandate, which remains unchanged to this day.


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