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Development of Eastern Mediterranean pipeline is the prime focus of Israel, Greece and Cyprus, Netanyahu stresses
CNA - CYPRUS/Nicosia 13/09/2018 19:55

The prime focus of Israel, Greece and Cyprus right now is to develop the Eastern Mediterranean pipeline which is a great project, and could be one of the great underwater projects in the world, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Thursday, prior to a meeting he had with the Foreign Ministers of Cyprus and Greece, Nikos Christodoulides and Nikos Kotzias, in Israel.

"Equally we think it is important that all countries respect the territorial waters, internationally recognised territorial waters, and this is something that is important for all of us,” Netanuahu stressed.

According to an official press release issued in Nicosia, the Israeli Prime Minister noted that  “between Greece, Israel and Cyprus we have many things we cooperate on, environment, energy, security, emergency services, tourism and others.


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