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EC President Juncker regrets not concluding a deal on the Cyprus issue
CNA - Athanasios Athanasiou - Belgium/Brussels 12/06/2019 09:00

European Commission President Jean-Claude  Juncker mentioned the non resolution of the Cyprus issue as "one of his regrets" concerning his tenure on the helm of the executive branch of the EU. More specifically J.C.Juncker stated earlier and a televised interview with Politico Brussels, that he regrets not concluding a deal between the Republic of Cyprus and the turkish-cypriot community.

In the same interview, President Juncker clarified that the deal on the UK`s withdrawal agreement from the European Union will not be reopened. He also noted that he had the impression that for months now the main interest in British civil society was to replace Theresa May and not how to find an agreement with the European Union.

"Anyway, the deal exists," he continued. "We have signed a withdrawal agreement (WA) with T.May, which is not a treaty between T.May and Juncker,


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